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I am currently no longer breeding my poodles.


Health Guarantee

All of our puppies are AKC and CKC registered and come with a 3 day health guarantee. They have been vet checked, wormed and have had their first shots by the time they are ready to leave.  I will honor this guarantee if the buyer can produce a report from a licensed veterinarian describing a serious health problem within 3 days of purchase. At that time, the buyer will be offered a full refund upon return of the puppy or may exchange the puppy for another puppy of same value.   After 3 days from the date of purchase, the puppy will become the sole responsibility of the buyer and no refund or exchange will be offered.

This puppy is not guaranteed to be of show or breeding quality.

Color and size of this puppy is not guaranteed, only estimated to the best of our ability.
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Kathryn Vanover 12.03.2020 21:12

I am looking for a female toy poodle. When one is available, please contact me.k

Tammy Scheve 22.06.2018 19:33

Your Rosie is just what I'm looking for. Do you know when you will be having puppies again? What is the price range? Thanks!

Colleen 22.06.2018 20:16

Hello Tammy
I hope to have puppies in August again. My black female Kizzy and apricot female Fance are hopefully bred.
Thank you for your interest.

Pat Edwards 02.02.2017 22:39

I am a older lady who wants a new baby to spoil.

Becky 15.10.2015 02:45

Hello, I am interested in your puppies and prices. Unfortunately, I lost my 3 lb. Chocolate Angel, Patrick on April 5th. I am missing him miserable!

jessie 19.09.2015 05:46

Hi Colleen,

I am looking to welcome a toy poodle to my home. I had a sheltie who passed away last year, and I am finally ready to have another friend. Thanks!

Aimee Whitesel a 09.09.2015 21:44

Hi there. We are looking for a toy poodle to add to our family! Could you please send me pics, age, available date and price of any that you have available. Tha

Colleen 09.09.2015 22:31

I currently do not have any puppies. I am expecting a litter around 9/24/15. Please check back with my website www.pleasingpoodles.com for updates.

nikia rucker 28.04.2014 06:06

hello just checking to see if you have any puppies. I bought one from you two years ago and I love him

Paula Kelley 17.05.2013 23:15

Hi, Is Rosie's red baby available? If so what are you asking? Do you have a pic of the sire?

Colleen 18.05.2013 03:21

Paula, I do have someone interested in the red female. If she changes her mind I will let you know. You can see the sire at my website www.pleasingpoodles.com.

Lani Chilton 25.02.2013 01:43

Hi, Looking for a small black male poodle puppy. Any available or litters expected. Please email me at ullani@aol.com with price and particulars..Thanks Lani

Rick Manford 17.02.2013 02:05

DO YOU HAVE ANY PUPPIES FOR SELL OR ARE YOU EXPECTING ANY LITTERS ? what do you ask for your puppies? Please let me know . Thanks Rick My number is 859-307-3604

Colleen 18.02.2013 14:59

Hello Rick;
I am sorry, I do not have any puppies for sale at this time. Please check my website from time to time at www.pleasingpoodles.com
Thank you

lynn 06.11.2012 21:39

how much are you asking for the puppy that is left?

Amy 26.10.2012 04:07

I recently lost my female black toy poodle and would love find another one, my family and her best friend which is a red teacup miss her. Do u have any?

Colleen 29.10.2012 21:26

Hello Amy:
I currently have a red female toy poodle puppy available. She was born on Oct. 10th. Please contact me if you are still looking for a puppy.

Colleen 26.10.2012 16:46

Hello Amy:
I currently do not have any poodle puppies available. Please check back from time to time for updates.
Thank you for writing.

TOMOKO 21.10.2012 05:19

My daughter would like to have toy female poodle. Please email me!!

Tomoko 21.10.2012 04:18

Hi ! My daughter is looking for a toy poodle femaile. Please let me know when they are born. Thank you, 812-657-7246

Tomo 14.10.2012 03:21

I am looking for a teacup or toy poodle for my daughter. Please let me know when your puppies are born. I'm looking for a black female.

Deana Tallent 11.10.2012 03:14

I am interested in a female. Please contact when they are born.

Cindy 11.10.2012 00:12

I am looking for a miniture or toy female poodle, black or brown in color. It is for my sister who just lost her poodle to age.

Andy 04.10.2012 03:12

Hello I am very interested in one of your puppies. Please let me know when they are born. I am looking for a female. Thank you so much 513-289-4620 :)

Deana 01.10.2012 03:24

I am interested in one of your puppies that you are expecting in October. Please contact me at deana@tallented.net or 859-802-0539. Thank you,Deana Tallent

Jennifer 23.09.2012 03:47

Hi I am interested in a Male. red, sable, silver or just really cute!!

Colleen 25.09.2012 15:31

Hi Jennifer:
I am expecting puppies with Rosie and Willie who typically have red or black babies. They are due the middle of October. Please check back then.

Kayla 30.08.2012 19:22

I am looking for a teacup or toy poodle for my daughters Christmas present. My sister bought one from you and due to recieve him Sept 14 :D. Please email me!

Colleen 04.09.2012 14:51

Hello Kayla:
I will have puppies ready to go around Christmas. Rosie & Willie are due to have puppies in October.
Thank you

Alesha 27.05.2012 18:56

I'm looking for poodle for my daughters birthday. Prefer female. I'm located not far from you in Manchester.

Pam Simmons 24.02.2012 01:18

My mother-in-law recently lost her poodle companion on 15 years. She would like to have another. Please contact me. Thank you.

Rachel 12.02.2012 21:34

I am interested in the black female that was born earlier this month. Please contact me directly rsalisbury87@gmail.com. Thanks!

jessalynn 10.01.2012 20:36

I am looking for an apricot female, and also maybe a red male doesnt have to have papers. please contact me jdailey0033@kctcs.edu

Colleen 08.02.2012 14:33

Hi Jessalynn
I have a red male that was born 2/3/12. He will be ready to go on or around 3/30/12. He is one of "Rosie's" babies.

Colleen 30.01.2012 14:52

Hi Jessalynn:
I currently do not have any puppies available. I am expecting a litter anyday with Rosie. They will be ready in 8 wks.

JOY 29.08.2011 20:15

My mom's toy poodle who was 19 recently died. Although Chauncey can never be "replaced", I think she is ready for a new campanion. Do you have any males?

Colleen 01.09.2011 22:52

Hi Joy:
I'm sorry about your mom's poodle & you are right, there will never be another Chauncey. I do not have any puppies now. Sorry I couldn't help.

david martin 02.06.2011 10:02

I had a roommate who had a toy poodle named zorro. I totally fell in love. He could do no wrong. I am looking for one for me now.

Colleen 02.06.2011 14:00

Hi David
I just had a litter of 3 males. One black and 2 red. They will not be ready to sale until July 18th. I will be posting pictures on my website soon.

Syndi Mulcahy 06.04.2011 16:34

She's gorgeous! Do you have a waiting list and can you estimate what your pricing will be? Syndi Mulcahy - Indianapolis Poodle Fanatic!

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03.04 | 09:19

Kizzy is not for sale. I currently do not have any puppies available. Please check back on my “Puppies for Sale” page for updates.

29.03 | 19:22

I am interested in Kizzy! Is she still available and how much do you want for her?

12.03 | 21:12

I am looking for a female toy poodle. When one is available, please contact me.k

11.03 | 22:16

I am looking for a red or apricot teacup poodle. Do you have one