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This is my "Rosie".

I am a small private breeder who thoroughly enjoys the poodle breed. I have 3 females and a male that are like my children. They are not sent out to a kennel or put in a cage to live. They spend all their time with me and my family. They even sleep with my husband and I.
Our puppies are handled and shown a lot of affection.  They are very sociable by the time they are ready for their new home.

Y ou will find the poodle breed to be loving little companions .  

Poodles have many great personality qualities. They are a very intelligent breed which makes them easy to train. They are also great family dogs, and love to be part of the excitement. If you are looking for an elegant breed of dog that has minimal shedding, the Poodle may be the breed for you.  Poodles hold their shed hair in their curly coat, rather then release it onto surfaces. That is why poodles are considered the dog of choice for people with allergies.

There are few people that are not captivated by the clever and cute face that the Toy Poodle possesses. Known for its personality and charm, this breed is an athlete as well. Toy Poodles are great at obedience and agility because of their willingness to please. I have named this website "Pleasing Poodles" because the most important thing to them is to please their owner.

Health Guarantee

All of our puppies come with a 3 day health guarantee. They are AKC and CKC registered. They have been vet checked, wormed and have had their first shots by the time they are ready to leave.  I will honor this guarantee if the buyer can produce a report from a licensed veterinarian describing a serious health problem within 3 days of purchase. At that time, the buyer will be offered a full refund upon return of the puppy or may exchange the puppy for another puppy of same value. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

" Pleasing Poodles"
Southeast Indiana
mec3@pleasingpoodles.com - email

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Linda 11.03.2020 22:16

I am looking for a red or apricot teacup poodle. Do you have one

Rick 21.11.2017 20:18

Happy holidays to you and your family Colleen,
Puppies are 3 and 3.5 lbs doing great, so loveable and smart

RICHARD D KEETON 19.09.2017 14:46

Saturday is gonna be like christmas for Lori and myself we feel like expecting parents
Thank you Colleen

zak 30.11.2013 15:10

i think the heading is cool for poodle's

charlize 13.11.2013 00:53

i love your advice i always look at this site whenever i need help with my dog sadie she is a small poodle.

Tiffany 09.06.2013 04:23

I enjoyed visiting today! I can't wait to bring Penny home and have her join our family! 🐩

Sharon Pennington 16.03.2013 23:22

I am looking for a red toy female. Need a companion for my apricot toy. Do you have any available and how much do they cost?

Pam Scheigert 03.02.2013 19:29

do you have any toy poodles? please send pictures and price

Pam Scheigert 31.01.2013 03:08

I am looking for a red or chocolate female toy poodle. Would also consider small miniature.

Teri Kopp 20.12.2012 22:34

Hi , I am looking for a apricot male toy poodle puppy. Do you have one, and how much does he cost

Colleen 21.12.2012 19:57

Hello Teri:
I am sorry, I do not have any puppies available. I do not breed very often, but please check back from time to time. Thanks

Barbara 04.10.2012 04:19

Do you have a small male toy poodle as a stud for my 5.5lb black toy girl? Thank you.

carol 28.03.2012 22:06

we recently lost one of our poodles who was my husband's best friend. we'd like another female. do you have any available?

Pleasingpoodles.com 15.05.2012 13:14

I have a very small white female that is due June 20th. The puppies should be small since mom & dad are 5 lbs Feel free to check back then if interested

CAROL and BOB JENSEN 30.03.2012 07:26

could we call you about your next litter? OUR NO. IS 513-738-0539 in Cinti, Ohio. my husband ,bob,would love to hear from you. Thanks so much/

Sandy 20.02.2012 16:03

I am looking for an apricot or red toy poodle, perferable female, but males are wonderful also!
Thank you,

lisa lear 16.02.2012 03:41

I am looking for a female AKC black poodle. My name is Lisa and I can be reached at 765-220-7199

Anne 09.02.2012 23:17

Hello, I was just wondering if you still have a male available? Would you want a deposit to hold the puppy until he is ready?

Colleen 10.02.2012 14:27

Hello Ann:
I have a red male and an apricot male. I have had so many people interested that I would need a deposit to hold one. They will be ready 3/30/12.

lisa lear 26.12.2011 18:11

looking for a female toy poodle puppy. i have a 12 week old male who needs a friend, as the cat i have won't play. LOL. can be reached at 765-220-7199. thankyou

Colleen 30.01.2012 14:55

Hi Lisa: I currently do not have any puppies ready. I am expecting a liter anyday with Rosie. They will be ready in 8 wks. Please keep in touch if interested.

Jackie Doerr 07.08.2011 03:19

Hi Colleen, thanks for your time on the phone tonight. Please send me a couple of pics to jackie@jackiescockapoos.com. Thanks so much..

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03.04 | 09:19

Kizzy is not for sale. I currently do not have any puppies available. Please check back on my “Puppies for Sale” page for updates.

29.03 | 19:22

I am interested in Kizzy! Is she still available and how much do you want for her?

12.03 | 21:12

I am looking for a female toy poodle. When one is available, please contact me.k

11.03 | 22:16

I am looking for a red or apricot teacup poodle. Do you have one